About Dr. Chong Wang

Dr. Chong Wang worked in the State Intellectual Property Office of China and patent agency for many years. She is proficient in both IP theory and practice. She was the head of IP department in Gan & Lee Pharmaceuticals and responsible for all domestic and international IP matters of the company. Under her leadership, the company’s core technology patent won the WIPO-SIPO award of Chinese outstanding patented invention, the brand name of company’s star product became the well-known trademark in Beijing, and the company received the certificate of both Beijing’s and National standard in “Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Practices”. On behalf of Gan & Lee Pharmaceuticals, she won several important patent litigations against major pharma companies.

Dr. Chong Wang holds a bachelor's degree of Pharmaceutical Science, a PhD of Biomedical Engineering from Peking University, and a bachelor's degree of Business Administration from Renmin University of China. She is a certified pharmacist and patent agent. She is also an expert panelist for Beijing’s IP court (qualified by the government to be on court panels for IP ruling).