Ming Wang, PhD/MBA 


Founder and CEO

Previous experience:

  • VP, Disease Area Head, Janssen/J&J

  • Executive Director and Disease Area Head, Amgen

  • SAB member, Amgen Ventures

Hui Zou, PhD


Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)

Previous experience:

  • Bridgewater, New Jersey, USA

  • Tenured faculty at UT Southwestern Medical Center

  • Kenneth G. and Elaine A. Longone Scholar of the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation

  • A strong record of scientific accomplishments: Zou et al. (1997) Cell; Zou et al. (1999) Science; Sun…Zou (2009) Cell

Daniel Tang, PhD/MBA


Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Previous experience:

  • General Manager, ICON

  • VP, Frontage Laboratories Inc.

  • Pfizer (US), Qwest (US) and DuPont (US)


Rick Lindberg, PhD


Former Head of CTI-California at Pfizer

Previous experience:

  • Site Head, CTI-California, Pfizer

  • Executive Director, Research, Amgen

  • SAB member, Amgen Ventures

Tom Boone, MS


Former VP of Protein Science at Amgen

Previous experience:

  • Founding VP of Protein Science, Amgen

  • Inventor/critical role: Nplate® G-CSF (Neupogen) and many other  Amgen biologics drugs

Bill Murray, PhD

Former VP and Head of Global Chemistry at Janssen/J&J

Previous experience:

  • Global VP of Chemistry, J&J East Coast

  • Chemistry Head for J&J La Jolla site