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Phanes Therapeutics, Inc. has developed PACbody®, SPECpair® and ATACCbody® technologies that enable construction, purification, and activity modulation of bispecific antibodies with various biological targeting mechanisms that advance drug discovery, research, and development.

PACbody®: Build native IgG-like bispecific antibodies.

SPECpair®: Build bispecific antibodies with enhanced manufacturability.

ATACCbody®: Build bispecific antibodies with modulated activities.

Native IgG-like bispecific antibodies are preferred formats for making antibody drugs. Phanes' three technologies are designed to build native IgG-like bispecific antibodies that enhance drug-like properties.

Phanes Therapeutics offers services to create drug-like bispecific antibodies using these cutting-edge technologies and know-how. The services include:

  • Using PACbody® research and development services to construct various designs of bispecific antibodies that enable a specific biological targeting strategy, screening and customization of the designs so that the bispecific antibodies have good developability.
  • Using SPECpair® research and development services to develop bispecific antibodies with enhanced manufacturability so that bispecific antibodies with SPECpairs® can be purified with the traditional mAb manufacturing steps.
  • Using ATACCbody® research and development services to modify bispecific antibodies so that they have modulated activities.

Bispecific antibodies created with these technologies will also be subject to various relevant assays to select lead molecules for in vivo testing as part of our service. Each lead bispecific antibody will be expressed in a single cell line for manufacturing. The final deliverables for the services include 2-3 lead molecules, upstream process and downstream process, analytical methods, and research cell bank (RCB) which can be used to make master cell bank (MCB).

For Better Bispecific Antibodies in Research and Development of Medicines


We are currently seeking partners that are interested in leveraging PACbody®, SPECpair®, or ATACCbody® technologies for drug discovery, research, and development. Our service with these technologies help identify bispecific antibody leads and good developability. Analytical tools and upstream and downstream processes customized to each lead molecule are also provided.

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