Hui Zou, PhD

Dr. Hui Zou is an experienced and accomplished oncologist in both academia of biological research and industry of drug development. Before joining the industry, Hui was a tenured Associate Professor of the Department of Molecular Biology at UT Southwestern Medical Center. He was awarded American Cancer Society Research Scholar and Kenneth G. and Elaine A. Langone Scholar of Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation. His work was supported by NIH R01 and other private and public foundations. Before joining UT Southwestern Medical Center, Hui was a postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory of Marc W. Kirschner at Harvard Medical School. He was a fellow of Jane Coffin Childs Memorial Fund for Medical Research. As a graduate student, postdoctoral fellow and independent PI, Hui made important discoveries in the mechanism of sister chromatid recombination, cohesion and separation during mitosis. His discoveries generated many important publications, including 4 manuscripts published in Science or Cell as first or corresponding author.
Hui joined the industry in 2012 to translate his scientific expertise into biomedical drug discovery and development. Hui joined Phanes in 2017 and currently is the Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) and Executive VP. As the Head of R&D, Hui oversees the drug discovery and the process development teams. As his first position in the industry, Hui became Senior Director at Crown Biosciences in 2012. He led a team of 20 biologists and chemists in two integrated service projects contracted by Eli Lilly. Both projects leveraged novel cell cycle regulators to treat cancers, one of which has been advanced by Lilly into clinical development.
Hui holds a PhD degree of genetics and development from Columbia University.